You Are What You Watch:
Interactive Self Portrait

I have a nightly ritual of watching Youtube videos before going to bed. Looking at my YouTube suggestions, I noticed that what puts me at ease before losing consciousness can be divided up into four categories: Cooking/Food, Animals/Animal Rescue, Parasites, and Humor.

As you can see, I’ve been hardcore getting back into Seinfeld recently. I think these categories are pretty indicative of my personality so I decided to take the basics of what Shawn went over in class to create a page with a video from each category, so I can just open this up before bed and choose whatever I’m in the mood for. For now, I’ve just downloaded one video per category, but eventually, I’d like to learn how to compile playlists for each category and be able to shuffle and receive new content from the channels I’m subscribed to. This is the first iteration of it:

When the categories are clicked, it triggers the video.



It looks pretty sad and embarrassing, which made me laugh so I decided to make it prettier. This is version 2:



Thank you Mithru for your help!

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