Soft Circuit: Bee Pollination

In the first class, Jingwen introduced us to soft circuitry and our assignment this week is to create a soft circuit with a switch and elements of embroidery. I started playing with soft circuits last semester so the basics are not completely foreign to me. I’m looking forward to learning beyond getting an LED to light up in the upcoming weeks. I’ve never embroidered with embroidery floss before, so I decided to start with that. I found some fabric with a floral print in the soft lab, so I decided to use it as a guide. The process was very therapeutic and I can definitely see myself doing this in my retirement.

I made sure to have my multimeter and test in between to make sure the circuit is working. The LED will act as a bee pollinating the two embroidered flowers.

I sewed a pocket behind the first flower to house the battery and conductive sheer fabric over the second flower to function as a switch.  When the second flower is pressed, the yellow bee lights up!

To make the circuit more practical, I folded the fabric in half and stitched up the side seams to create a pencil case.


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