Banana Slugs

I played with snails and slugs in my backyard growing up. I took them into the house, put them in my palms and small boxes, prodded and poked at them, and could watch them for hours creating narratives in my head. I even tried to bring them on a family vacation once. My mom was not a fan.

In sixth grade, my class went on a week-long camping trip to the Redwood forests. It was love at first sight when I saw this majestic creature slowly glide itself along the forest floor. What I find most interesting about banana slugs (slugs in general) are their fluid movement facilitated by their slimy secretions. They can move across rough terrains (albeit rather slowly) and the slime can function as both a lubricant and adhesive. Slime also absorbs water and is recyclable. I can see the properties of slime incorporated with soft robotics to facilitate movement, leave trails, and collect and absorb whatever comes in their path.

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