Transcription: Kyle Stephens Testimony

For the first assignment, I decided to transcribe the deeply disturbing and empowering testimony of Kyle Stephens, the first woman to testify in court against Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics team doctor guilty of sexually abusing 265 women and counting. I originally wanted to transcribe the entire hearing, but getting through the first was difficult. I still feel outrage, nausea, protective, and a profound sadness. At each pause to transcribe, I considered stopping and did when she concluded her testimony. For me, transcribing her account of sexual abuse involved reiteration and processing of a multi-sensory experiencetactile, visual, auditory, even smell at the mention of “lotion”. It was something I was not prepared for when I began. I am still processing because I don’t know if it’s appropriate to auto-generate her words, experiences, and emotions into something else, something more personal for me. Words are a powerful medium and even more so within certain contexts. The juxtaposition of intense human emotion and cold code is something I want to explore in this class.



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