2 Materials: Paper & Veneer

For this week’s assignment, I was inspired by sliding shoji doors and specifically, this photo of two maikos’ silhouettes behind the doors:

I have always found the traditional Japanese aesthetic very elegant. Again, to draw on my retirement dream of making miniature spaces and furniture, I decided I would use the bamboo box I didn’t use in the previous enclosure project as an interior space to attach sliding shoji doors.


Tracing Paper – Blick

Birch Veneer – Blick

Bamboo Container – Container Store

Elmer’s All Purpose Glue – Shop


Laser Cutter

Box Cutters

2″ Grid Ruler

I had a good experience with the laser cutter, so I referenced shoji door designs on pinterest (5) and created an Ai file with the measurements (approx. 5 5/8″ square) I needed to fit the box.


I laser cut four door panels in total to sandwich the tracing paper in between. Some squares didn’t end up cutting all the way through so I used my thin boxcutter to get them out. I thought it would be a tedious process, but it was actually somewhat therapeutic.

Another issue was the dimensions. I had to trim them down because they did not fit exactly. I was relieved the the wood veneer was not too difficult to cut.


After making sure all the panels fit, I cut the tracing paper to the same dimensions and glued it in between the laser-cut doors. This is the result:

I put a blue LED inside to see how it might look. I think it can be a very elegant light fixture so I might drill a hole to enclose a lightbulb. I am very happy with the result.

One thought on “2 Materials: Paper & Veneer

  1. Nice work. Good use of two simple materials that work very well together. I really like the look.

    I’d like to see you secure the doors to the box so they could actually work like real shoji doors.

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