Animation Storyboard

This week, Hau, Michael, and I sat down to storyboard our animation idea. Our concept is inspired by shoulder angels/demons and the dynamics of good and evil. We sketched a playful character last week, which Hau rendered beautifully in Illustrator:

Animation Storyboard:

Our story takes place on a playground. A boy and girl are playing on a seesaw when our shoulder angel/demon character glides in. The demon attempts to wreak mischief while the angel is asleep by suggesting evil thoughts to the boy. He plops down hard on his seat and sends the girl flying. She falls to the ground, visibly upset. The shoulder demon glides in again, suggesting she plot revenge. Meanwhile, the angel awakes. When the girl thinks about pulling a knife on the boy, the angel advises her to reconsider and be good. It takes a bit of convincing, but the last scene is the boy and girl playing harmoniously on the seesaw again. We intentionally chose children as our subject matter for their transparency. The seesaw is symbolic of balancing good and evil.

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