Homage to Homage to the Square

To build on last week’s composition, I wanted to explore interactive elements I can use to demonstrate the interaction of color. Josef Albers was very skillful in creating compositions that highlight the subtleties of color and how we perceive them in different contexts:


To recreate Albers’ composition, I set my background color to display a different color/per frame. I created squares and filled them with complimentary colors yellow and purple using lerpColor. lerpColor blends the two colors to find colors in between to create a gradient effect. These colors remain static.

However, they look different in the context of a perpetually changing background color. As you can see, the yellow in the dark teal composition takes on a warmer tone compared to in the magenta.


I added alpha to see more variations:


Lastly, I set a square to the (mouseX, mouseY) coordinates so the user can see and understand the interaction for themselves. I think this can be helpful for understanding color theory.




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